who we are

We are a team of seasoned (yet humble) internet security professionals.

Arvind Suthar

Arvind leads product management. Prior to founding Mindline, Arvind spent 14 years at Microsoft in Identity product management.

Arvind holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Economics and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Alfred Mirzagitov
Chief Technology Officer

Alfred oversees Mindline software architecture and brings decades of experience developing enterprise security products and services.

Alfred holds a masters degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

Gavin Anderson

Gavin has advised Mindline since inception and provides a wealth of insights from his decades of professional software engineering leadership experience.

Gavin holds undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

our beliefs

The cloud creates opportunities to securely simplify enterprise IT.

Customer-centric innovation is the path to value (vs. “moats” and “lock-in”).

what we do

Deliver products and consultation to simplify enterprise security.

Identity Bridge is our first product in this area.

contact us


816 Evergreen Point Road, P.O. Box 436, Medina, WA, 98039