React, Entra ID, Azure, O365

ENTRA ID as IDP for Java Spring Boot app in Amazon Web Services

A testimonial from a client building training simulators for the maritime industry. As mentioned elsewhere, the best path forward when authenticating with Entra ID is not always clear. This is even more true with non-Microsoft platforms.

Google Workspace as IDP for Microsoft 365

Quick troubleshooting of Google Workspace as the IDP for Microsoft 365. This is a lightly documented area of Entra ID. Configuration errors can result in Google and Microsoft blaming each other.

Entra ID Hybrid Join Issues due to Entra Connect Misconfig

Quick troubleshooting to show how to debug Entra Connect and the associated device registration flows during authentication. I also clarified the differences between Entra Registered, Entra Joined, and Entra Hybrid Joined.