January 15: Identity Bridge – Now With Secure US Gov Support

Bridge USGov

Below is a 73-second video covering 3 Identity Bridge improvements:

  1. US Gov Support: Identity Bridge now supports reading users from and writing users to Microsoft Cloud for US Government tenants.
  2. Workspace Owner Role: Workspace Owners can invite other admins and run syncs. Workspace Members can grant/revoke consent to their tenants and remove themselves from Workspaces. Workspace Owners can’t be removed from Workspaces they own.
  3. Config Level Consent: Consent exists within the context of a saved Config. Suppose the Workspace Owner changes anything about the Config (changing the tenants involved, clearing the delta token, or even changing the name). In that case, all tenant admins in the Config need to re-consent for the Config to sync again.

Understanding CMMC compliance, cybersecurity best practices, and collaboration between Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations can be difficult. I am attending Microsoft’s DIB Day tomorrow (1.16.2024). This is a free 4-hour online event to share lessons learned by those closest to cyber requirements coming from DoD. If you are attending, I hope to see you there!

We have a free trial so that you can configure the Identity Bridge (with sync disabled). Provide your work email; we’ll enable your tenant and send a link.