July 11: Mindline Identity Bridge UI Walkthrough

This walkthrough introduces the Identity Bridge: a single pane of glass where tenant admins can manage multi-tenant syncs. Here an admin configures a two-way sync between two tenants (mindline.site and Mindline1).

Step 1 – Sign In: Clicking “Sign In” prompts for credentials and then for consent to login and discover other tenants.

1.1 Initial Sign In Screen

 1.2 Initial Consent

Step 2 – Grant Sync Permission from your Tenant: Selecting “write” and clicking “Onboard” prompts for incremental consent to read users from and write users to the mindline.site tenant.

2.1 Onboard Tenant

2.2 Incremental Consent

2.3 Successfully Onboarded Tenant

Step 3 – Invite Admin from another Tenant to Workspace: Clicking “New” above the admin list allows you to invite an admin from the Mindline1 tenant to the workspace.

3.1 Validating admin from another tenant

3.2 New admin added to workspace

Step 4 – Invited Admin Signs In and Grants Write Permission to their Tenant: When the Mindline1 admin logs in, they see the workspace they have been invited to. They can then click “New” above the tenant list and grant read/write permission for the Mindline1 tenant.

4.1 Adding and validating a new tenant to the workspace

4.2 Onboarding a new tenant

4.3 Incremental consent for new tenant

4.4 Both tenants successfully onboarded

Step 5 – Any Workspace Admin Configures a Sync: Any workspace admin can now configure, test, and enable a sync by clicking “New” above the Configs list.

5.1 Creation of a new configuration

5.2 Adding both tenants to the source tenant list allows sourcing users from both tenants.

5.3 Click <Click to Select Source Group> to select the source group for each tenant.

5.4 Follow similar steps to add both tenants to the target tenant list to allow users to be written to these tenants.

5.5 Now run a test and note the counts of users read from source tenants and written to target tenants.

6. Next steps: sovereign cloud support and contact object conflict resolution.