October 17: Identity Bridge – Open for Business At Last!

If you prefer to watch rather than read, here is a 6-minute video describing the problems the Identity Bridge is designed to solve (1 minute) and how to configure and run a sync (5 minutes). Feel free to watch at double speed or just skip to the last minute at 5:15 to see the system sync 100 users from a source tenant to 100 B2B users in two target tenants in 31 seconds.

I intended this post to be a detailed head-to-head “Pepsi Challenge” with Microsoft’s cross-tenant sync including side-by-side performance metrics. Now, I do believe we have something very simple and very fast, but I was reminded of the need to focus on things more important than raw speed. One customer couldn’t use the product unless we added group support. My team also reminded me of essential work to support production customers. And, of course, we still need to support sync to and from sovereign clouds (we’re getting very close!).

So… rather than a “Pepsi Challenge”, consider this an invitation to reach out if you’d like to use the Identity Bridge to sync users between your commercial tenants or suggest improvements based on what you see above.